Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Gina Parra

Gina is a third year, Industrial and Systems Engineering major from Bogota, Columbia. Gina likes dogs and the color teal. Her favorite food is s'mores. Gina loves Zumba and loves to incorporate it into her daily life! 

When asked about the Nepal team, these were her answers:

How did you get involved with EWB?

I applied sophomore year after I was able to get myself organized after freshman year. School was hectic at first and joining a Greek organization made it so that I could only become involved my second year. Once admitted to be a part of the Nepal team, I quickly gravitated to Fundraising and External relations teams and loved to help spread the word for Nepal team as well as raise money at the same time.

What are your goals for Nepal?

I hope that the children can be made a priority, either through making water resources readily available, or helping the education system through an agricultural project of some sort. I strongly believe through our research as a team and individual knowledge that the empowerment of the youth will lead to growth as a society.

Anything else you want to tell the blog readers?

This is one of the most special groups of people I have been able to work with and it truly makes it easy to become involved when every person on the team is so dedicated and has such a variety of talents. I hope whoever has the time to read can read each person's article and notice how brilliant each person on our team is. This team combined with the proper resources can truly make a lasting difference in Nepal, and I hope whoever reads this and potentially donates can feel like they are also a part of this movement!