Monday, October 26, 2015

The Importance of Corporate Sponsorship

Facing a lofty budget of $30,000 our team is pursuing multiple fundraising opportunities. From working events, to applying for grants, we have done it all in this short, albeit busy year.

We have raised over $700 by putting on our own car washes and working concessions during a basketball game. We made over $800 from our first event of the semester, an all day festival called Kegs for Kids. Lastly, we received a $5,000 grant award from the Engineers Without Borders Fall Grant Cycle sponsored by SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers).

Although $6,500—the approximate total so far—might have been acceptable for an assessment trip,  we are only a third of the way top our funding goal for next summer’s implementation.

This year, we are hoping to add corporate sponsorships to the list of fundraising approaches. Corporate sponsorship is a beneficial way to raise funds because of the mutually beneficial relationship we can establish with corporate companies. As a team, we can offer engineering minds (for internships and full time positions) with transformative experiences that come from working on a project of this magnitude; and corporate companies offer the sponsorship award that will make our project successful, and allow us to bring a sustainable source of potable water to the people of Khanalthok, Nepal. In addition, these companies can also advertise with us allowing them to spread the word of their humanitarian efforts. They can have their logo on our Facebook page, and even take out a full page ad in our newsletter that is sent out to hundreds of contacts our team has built since its founding.

With the money raised from corporate sponsorship, we can send additional students to Nepal to receive the hands on technical training that is so hard to come by through other organizations. With sponsorship can also afford to buy the best materials possible to ensure that our designed solution will be implemented correctly, and sustainable for multiple generations to come in Khanalthok.

Monday, October 19, 2015

How EWB Impacts Students

Working on Engineers Without Borders (EWB) projects gives students members both long term and short term benefits. We work now because we have a desire to improve the community's well being through their project, but that doesn't mean we can't get experience in the process.

During enrollment at the university the students work hands on with professional advisors to research and design a real life engineering project. 

In the short term, students identify and carry through the necessary background research needed to ensure a realistic and sustainable design is produced. After the design is produced, students receive training in how to build the design so that successful implementation of the design can be ensured. Additionally, EWB members learn how to write technical papers so the project can be approved by EWB.

Long term skills that EWB students develop include innovative thinking and problem solving skills, real world engineering experience, cultural appreciation, and global mindedness.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Kegs for Kids: A Great Event with Great People

A crisis is a crisis to everyone and we've expanded our audience.  

On October 10th, 2015, EWB UF Nepal Team hosted an event called Kegs for Kids at the local Gainesville brewery, First Magnitude. Geared towards people of all ages, the event fostered exposure of this wonderful program to a wide distribution of people: mothers, fathers, singles, and kids. We were eager and equipped with tickets, flyers, raffles, and our handy-dandy poster. We took on a flow of customers nearly as abundant as the ale flowing from the barrels.  

This picture shows some of the event's 
attendees that stuck around and concluded 
great night with a great Gator win.
The event was full of activities, including a DJ, a jazz group and a rock band. With the commodity of giant versions of classic games such as Jenga, Scrabble and checkers, and Gator Football streaming on the big screen (pictured), every person at the venue found themselves deeply satisfied by the close of the event.

One by one, they lined up to donate money and drink their hoppy. Eager to guzzle down their favorite brews and learn more about how important the work we're doing in Nepal is, everyone in the building seemed to be able to walk away with a full heart, mind and belly. 

We met incredible people who are genuinely interested in our organization, raised money for a worthy cause and cemented our desire to host an event similar to this in the near future. Truly a wonderful time for a troupe of wonderful people in attendance.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fall 2015 Application Extension

Good morning EWB Enthusiasts!

We know just how busy this week can be. With UF's Career Showcase and exams Every. Day. This. Week. Our team has agreed to extend the application deadline. The application will be due this Friday (10/2) at 6 PM. That's TOMORROW at 6 PM.

Click the button below to download the application.

You can use information from our 2014 Post-Assessment Trip Document, 2014 Assessment Trip Presentation2015 Post-Assessment Trip Documentthe blog, and the Facebook page to get to know the project and use the info to develop the ideas you present in your video.

Submit your application to