Monday, November 9, 2015

How Our Team is Broken Down

Our team consists of 15 students of different engineering disciplines. Within the EWB UF Nepal team we have formed three sub-teams--Communications Team, Design Team, and Fundraising Team--to better organize our efforts.

Communications Team
The goal of the Communications Team is to keep in contact with citizens of Khanalthok, our local NGO partner, and other contacts based in Nepal. The team updates them with any news or advances we have made on our project. The communications team interactions revolve around the past, current, and future state of the community. 

Design Team
The design team plans to implement a sustainable solution to the lack of readily available, potable water in combination with low sanitary practices at the secondary school. They are designing a rainwater catchment system to be implemented at the secondary school to provide an additional source of water. We are also proposing to repair the current water tank and link the rainwater catchment system to the water tanks. This will also help distribute water for washing practices and drinking use. The purpose of the team is to ensure the design of our project works efficiently, and is sustainable in the long run.

Fundraising Team
The purpose of the fundraising team is to raise the funds necessary to properly implement our design. In order to help raise the funding for the upcoming implementation trip, our team is working on establishing partnerships with local rotary clubs and corporate engineering companies, completing grants, and hosting fundraising events. The events hosted are used to not only raise money but to also raise awareness about our project.

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