Saturday, January 28, 2017

Implementation Trip - May 2016

Hello Everyone!

We wanted to provide an update on our most recent trip to Nepal. Shree Ram, Santosh, Kiran, Ricky, Sulav, Matt, Gina, and Maurice made the trip to Khanalthok in May of 2016. Our goals during this implementation trip were to reevaluate the new buildings, find a location for the wash stations, analyze the need for a flush system, coordinate the gutters with the tank, educate the faculty on the use and maintenance of the system, and determine an exact date and plan for the implementation of the latrines.

On the first day of assessment and excavation, the team chose an area for the wash stations and got to work shoveling. The team completed the foundation for the hand-washing stations.

Next, the team assessed the condition of the gutters, and removed the gutters from the old building, repaired them, and then added them to the new building. We also began the process of implementing the tank by digging a hole and placing the tank.

We also showed the workers of the community how to begin the completion of the wash station. The team made significant progress with the piping, and dug trenches to allow the piping to be connected to the wash station.

After the completion of the piping of the tank, the piping was covered with barbed wire to prevent people from damaging it.

During our wonderful trip, we took part in activities outside of engineering and construction. One of the days of the trip was devoted to the education of the children. The girls were taught the power behind the transition from girlhood to womanhood, and received menstruation kits. The boys wrote notes explaining why women are important.

We had many unforgettable experiences, and truly enjoyed the beautiful town of Khanalthok. We rented scooters and went down the mountainside, hiked to watch the sunrise in Sarangkot, and went paragliding. We look forward to returning to the village in 2017 and implementing a larger, more permanent tank. Be sure to check back for more updates!

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