Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Upcoming Summer of 2017 Trip

With summer fast approaching, many people are planning to go to the beach, have barbeques, and do other fun things with friends and family. For members of the University of Florida's Engineers Without Borders Nepal Team, this summer's plans consist of a trip to Khanalthok to assess and upgrade the water irrigation system that was previously installed during the implementation trip last summer.

During the last implementation trip, a wash station, new female latrines, rainwater catchment system, and a temporary water tank were installed in the community. However, the water tank needs to be upgraded so that it can act as a more permanent solution. The new tank is going to 30,000 liters and reinforced with concrete. With a much larger tank, the community will be able to collect and store more water that can be used during the extremely dry season. Moreover, the Nepal Team plans to implement new filters to complement the wash station and rainwater catchment system that were previously installed at the Shree Janahit Secondary School.

In addition, the team will also enrich the community through other means besides engineering. We will also educate the local children about water safety, basic health and hygiene, and practical skills that they can use to improve their quality of life. We look forward to once again meeting with the people of Khanalthok, and cannot wait for the exciting adventures and opportunities to improve the lives of the people! Stay tuned for more updates as this summer quickly approaches!

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